Grey Haired Gamer is a site devoted primarily to Football Manager. It’s called what it is because (i) I’m in my waning years, and really I should know better (ii) I reserve the right to talk about other games, but I’ve played FM for so long that it’s the title to which I will always return.

A blog featuring lots of words, Grey Haired Gamer will consist of write-ups about my most recent FM challenges. Whether a pan-European odyssey, a lower league adventure or something more esoteric, this is the account of what I’m up to in my current management crusade.

If you have followed FM’s online presence then, yes, I can confirm that I am am old school gamer and blogger who used to be involved very heavily in the ‘scene’ during the early 2000s. If you remember me and we used to know each other back then, I would love to hear from you, so please e-mail me at uncle_t@greyhairedgamer.co.uk. But all are welcome. There are a lot of FM sites out there and many take the same form as this one, so it’s good to see that the game inspires a great wealth of supporters who want to share their love for it, along with their frustrations and talking points.

I really hope you enjoy reading the things I put on the site – your pal, Uncle T.